Frequently asked questions:

1.     Is there a deposit required?

        A 50% deposit is required to secure your hunting reservation.

2.     What quality/size of animals can I expect to see and hunt?

        It is quite typical during the hunt day to see multiple mature whitetail bucks in the

       140"-150"  class.  We  also have a good population of whitetails that are in the 150"-170"

        range.  Our  largest buck to date was harvested in 2014 and had a gross score of 209".  

        However, once  again, we do not guarantee harvest or size.    

        A typical mule deer in this area is 24"-26" wide and scores in the 150"-170"  range. 

        We have harvested mule deer bucks approaching 200" in the past. 

        Typically we harvest bucks that are  in the four year old + range.  

        This  allows them to reach their full potential.

3.    Are the permits included in the listed hunting prices?

       No. Hunters are responsible for purchasing their own permits.

4.     When do I apply for a tag? 

        You should apply in early July. You may  purchase them online at

5.     What unit tags do I need to apply for?





6.     Are taxes included in the hunting prices listed?

        No They are in addition to the listed hunt price. 

        They will be added on to the listed price at 5.5%.

7.    What is the terrain like?

       We hunt river corridor, fields, canyons, and hills.

8.     Where is the nearest airport?

        REGIONAL:  Rapid City,  South Dakota  3.5 hours

                             North Platte, Nebraska 2 hours

                             Omaha/Lincoln, Nebraska  6.5 hours

                             Denver, Colorado  6 hours

        LOCAL MUNICIPAL:  Valentine's Miller Field

9.     Where are you located?

        We are located in Valentine, the heart of the Sandhills in northern Nebraska.

10.   What is the weather like?

        You can expect anything from 80* and sunny to -20* and snow. 

        Pack clothing for any and all  conditions.

11.   What local services are available:

        Valentine offers:  Restaurants, hotels, mechanics, medical services, hospital, live   

        entertainment,  a movie theater,  grocery stores, gas stations, and a gun shop.

12.    Do you provide processing or taxidermy?

         No.  We can provide contacts for local taxidermists.  All trophy preparation is the

         responsibility  of the hunter.  

         There is a deer processing shop in Valentine.

13.    What distance will I be shooting?

         Your  shooting range will be anything between 30 yd. to 300 yd.

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